Does Nick Caserio keep the Patriots relevant ?

How do the Patriots manage to stay relevant each year ?  The obvious answer is Bill Belichick, and his obscure way of managing the front office. He has been doing this since arriving in the year 2000. You could also argue up to 2008 Scott Pioli was considered a major reason for the Patriots success. What about Nick Caserio ? Who ? Exactly my point, no one knows about this man. He has climbed the Belichick coaching tree with even being spotted.

Pioli was hand-picked by Belichick in 2000. They split the duties usually held by a general manager on all other NFL teams. He helped the Patriots become a model franchise. Building with depth on the roster and a team concept. Pioli eventually turned his success into perusing a general manager position with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009. He has since been fired and is now on the staff with the Atlanta Falcons.

bos_g_caserio_sy_200Caserio joined the Patriots in 2001 as personnel assistant. 2002 as an offensive coaching assistant coach. 2003 to the scouting department as an area scout. From 2004 – 2006 he dabbled in player personal learning the Belichick/Pioli craft. 2007 he was considered the wide receivers coach. All these years of finding out exactly how the Patriots organization was run from top to bottom made him the perfect candidate for Pioli’s job in 2008.

Does Caserio deserve the credit that is due to him ? Yes I think he does. He put in the work to become what he is today. This offseason the Patriots almost lost him to the Dolphins. He turned them down and will continue to work for the Patriots this year. Everyone always talks about the Belichick coaching tree. All the names associated with it. In my opinion Caserio name has to be up at the top of that list. Quietly doing his job and what is asked of him. Setting the perfect example for the players he brings in.

What do you think ? Leave a comment.

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