247PatChat draft projection: Building a case for Jace.

The more I read about Jace Amaro, the more I like. Personally I would take him in the first round if it was my choice. If you are not familiar with him, here are some highlights:

The comparisons to Aaron Hernandez intrigue me.  The Patriots are missing that two tightend offence that was so productive in past years. Amaro could provide that type of offence that would congest the middle of the field, allow for man coverage on the outside. Imagine the possibility of Lafell, Dobson or Thompkins getting space to work. Spreading the offence out would give Brady that multiple choice that he desired last year. When Gronkowski is covered in the redzone, Brady needs a second reliable big bodied target.  After watching all the youtube coverage and reading the news articles about Jace, I have come to the conclusion he would be a perfect fit. Given his durability in this particular offence I would consider him a large asset for years to come. On May 8th I hope to see him put on the Patriots jersey and bring back some stability to the tightend position.

What do you think ? Leave your comments

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