Welker who ? Revisiting a year ago.

20140117_092928_wes-welkerA year ago we were all mad. Wes Welker was gone. The Patriots just let the man that averaged a hundred catches over six season test the open market. How could this of happened ? What were they thinking ? The worst part in my mind was he went to a Superbowl contender, the Broncos. Now he is catching passes from one of the greatest QB’s to play this game, Peyton Manning. Why did the Patriots let such talent and reliability walk out the door, without giving much of a fight ?

His “replacement” was Danny Amendola, who signed before Welker left. It was doomed from the start. How can someone replace Tom Brady’s safety blanket. It is unfair to put someone into that position. Considering his career best in receptions was eighty five, on a poor team. The expectation were to high. I had this mindset going into the season, so I was not disappointed. I would like to see what 2014 has in store for him in this offense. I hope they don’t rush him out the door.

We have all watched Julian Edelman progress over the years. He put in his time. Did whatever was asked, just tried his hardest. “Grind” has been his moniker for a reason. “Just do your job” Bill Belichick tells his team. It is so simple, yet hard to live by. Edelman exemplifies being a Patriot. I had a smile on my face all season for him. Almost proud, considering I have vouched for him numerous times, through conversations with my wife over the years.

Welker ended his first year with the Broncos with seventy three receptions, and a loss at Superbowl XLVIII. Same results on a different team. Next month he turns thirty three. Age is creeping up on him. Julian Edelman will be turning twenty eight next month, Amendola will be twenty nine this year. The future is bright a year later. Would I let Welker go knowing how 2013 played out ? Yes I would.

What do you think ? Leave your comments.

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