The wife of a Patriots fan

9687914-goaaaaal-a-man-watching-football-while-his-girlfriend-is-sitting-besides-him-bored-showing-the-diffe“It’s just a game “I tell my husband after the Patriots have lost their AFC divisional championship. “They will do better next year” I reassure him as he looks at me with both tears and rage in his eyes. “Let’s go to bed” I tell him as we shut the TV off because I know that if he looks at another replay he is going to lose his mind. And as we lay there I know that this is going to be one of those nights. No, not one of those nights, one of those weeks. Maybe even more. Lost sleep, silence, the shoulda, woulda, couldas  and the fact that I have to beg  to be able to watch the Superbowl because the Superbowl without the patriots is like a Bill Belichick sweater with sleeves. No one wants to see it. Yes, one of those weeks. But that is just the beginning of what one has to go through. Only a fraction of what comes along with being the wife of a Patriots fan.

If you had told me 10 years ago when I met my husband that I would have to give up every Sunday for 5 months of the year, I think most women would have ran for the hills. If I had to look at the meticulously mapped out Patriots schedule we have on our fridge to see if that time might work to go to a loved one’s birthday party or Christmas gathering.  The endless “no we are busy today” or “no, that time is not good for us” excuses that are given over and over again.  If they only knew that our “plans” were sitting on the couch for 12 hours of the day watching football. “But the Patriots do not play until Sunday night” says my mother in law as I decline her invitation for supper. Little does she know that my husband watches every football game regardless if the Patriots are playing. Watching the other teams and dissecting there defense and offense for if and when we might face them in the upcoming season or playoffs.  Even telling my unborn daughter to come out a little early because she was due the weekend of the season opener. Thank god she was born on September2nd.

Ok some might say that giving up one day a week for my husband is nothing to complain about. But there is a lot more to it than that. There is pregame, postgame, internet blogs, NFL draft, trade deadlines, NFL network and all other media outlets that talk about the patriots. Then there is the countless banter about the Patriots that I get to endure because I am the only one who listens (needless to say I am the most well educated person in my office regarding the patriots, which is a surprise to most men). The endless talk about who signed who, how who played, why Tom Brady missed that pass, why Bill Belichick is a god and the list goes on.  Not to mention trying to enjoy a weekend coffee in bed with my husband only to be interrupted by “who am I going to play in my fantasy football league?” . And the fact that I need to eat salads all week long because I know when Sunday comes, the food selection on our house is between chips, nachos and chicken wings.

After reading this article, some would ask if I am jealous. My answer is yes. Not because of the fact that my husband spends 90% of his waking hour thinking, talking and typing about the Patriots (the other woman in his life), but rather the fact that he has something he is so passionate about. The fact that he gets so excited about the month of September. The fact that I cannot wipe that smile off his face when the Patriots win on Sunday and especially the high he gets from beating the Jets.  The fact that my kids get excited for football because they get to eat supper in front of the TV. The fact that Sunday is truly “our” day. A day we both get to watch a sport we love and bond over it. I do not think I will ever truly understand the commitment and the emotion my husband has for the game. But it is not all bad. After all what wife would not want to look at Tom Brady or all the “tight ends” on the team for 3 hours.

Reporting for 247Patschat –  The wife of @thebaines123


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