No Johnny, No, No, No… Johnny be good….somewhere else!

Johnny Manzeil  or “Johnny Football” met with the Patriots organization Wednesday, for what appears to be a routine pre-draft visit. I’m not quite sure why we brought him in, as chances are he will no longer be available by the time we get up to the draft podium. Rumor has it we may be looking to draft a quarterback to sit behind Brady and Mallett this season. I can say with 90% certainty, that it will not be Manzeil, and that is a good thing! (I’m hoping for AJ)

I will be the first to admit that Manzeil has had an impressive college career. A Heisman trophy,  and posting new NCAA unnamedrecords backs that statement up. He will be an asset to any team that he is drafted to, however I think his ego will ultimately be his downfall.  I think he believes he is already a major superstar and is treating himself as so.  Worst part is the media is treating him this way too. We have already seen him in a McDonald’s commercial with LeBron James, and sign a sponsorship deal with Nike. Manzeil even had former President Bush show up to his pro-day, and took it upon himself to address the media before he began. He has trademarked his nickname of “Johnny Football” and is now looking to trademark the phrase “The House that Johnny Built.”  Trademark what you like, but football is a team sport. There is no room for the I only the W. I know for sure, with 100% certainty that Gillette Stadium will never be dubbed with this nickname. If anything it’s the house that Brady built. It was Brady who was the starting quarterback when Gillette opened in 2002, Brady who threw the first touchdown, and it was Brady who brought 3 Lombardi trophies back home.

We don’t even know how he will perform yet next season.  There have been many great college quarterbacks drafted, only to fall flat on the big stage. There are many websites that have lists upon lists of draft busts.  Am I saying he’s going to fall flat on his face? No not at all, he may very well be the biggest success story of all time. He will pour his heart and soul into helping whichever team does take a chance on him. [It won’t be the Patriots.] He will play hard, and grind until he cannot anymore. I wish him much luck and success. I just hope his ego, doesn’t get in the way of his passion for football.

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