Brandon LaFell, I hardly know you!


About two weeks ago I received a pop up alert on my phone from NFL mobile. I didn’t think much of it as Free Agency had just started and I was getting pop ups almost every 10 minutes. As is my nature however, whenever I see the word Patriots I immediately have to do some research.  This particular pop up stated that Brandon LaFell was to sign with the Patriots.  Quite sadly my first instinct was “wait who?”  After a brief google search I learned LaFell is a wide receiver formerly from LSU (Geaux Tigers), who was drafted by the Panthers in 2010.

Not only did my search turn up his history, but some great video footage as well. LaFell has extremely quick feet, great hands for diving catches, and a knack for getting out of tight spots.  Brady is going to loooooove throwing to this guy!  He has 13 TD’s and 2400 yards in his 4 years with the Panthers. Turns out the feeling is pretty mutual, LaFell stated that Brady was the lure for him to sign.  “I had a chance to play with a Hall of Fame quarterback [Brady]. One day, Cam [Newton], will be there probably, but he’s not there now. And I felt like it was a better chance to come up here and get more balls and win than it was with Carolina.”

To be honest Brady would be a lure for me too. If he called me tomorrow, asked me to quit my teaching job, and come teach his 3 kids chemistry, I’d be there tomorrow!

Only question that remains is who will catch more passes from Brady this year, Edelman or LaFell?

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