Strength in numbers at Cornerback

When the Patriots signed Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner there was a shockwave felt outside of the AFC east. The Patriots finally had a legitimate secondary that would not be questioned heading into next season. Today I want to look at the depth at cornerback position behind these two men.

Kyle Arrington is now in the position of coming off the bench, not having to be in on so many plays. I think this is better suited for him. Kyle is the longest tenured member of this secondary, showing flashes of greatness over the past five years. In 2011 he registered seven interception and was tied of the league lead. He has been able to stay healthy for the last four years, playing in every game. This could be the reason he will make the team and avoid being cut in 2014. With three million due in 2015, Kyle has to produce in order to not be a cap causality. Arrington is signed until 2017.

Alfonzo Dennard is a wildcard for me. I love him one game, I can’t watch the next. His coverage in the playoffs against Denver  is still cemented in my head. When he came into relieve Talib, he looked lost trying to cover Demetrius Thomas. There has been trouble off the field as well for Alfonzo, he is currently in jail for the better part of next month. It’s possible he won’t miss much of the Patriots offseason workout program, which starts in mid-April. I don’t think he is danger of losing his job if he keeps out of trouble. Dennard will be on the roster in 2014. Hopefully Revis takes him under his wing. He is signed until 2016.

Logan Ryan was selected in the third round of last years draft. Ryan impressed me in his first season. Recording five interceptions, two in week sixteen against the Ravens. There is the rumor of moving to safety next season. I think he is doing just fine at cornerback. I would not mess with his strong rookie campaign. Ryan is a lock to be on the opening day roster. The Patriots have him signed until 2017.

In this years draft I expect the Patriots to add some depth in the later rounds, or directly after the draft. Revis may only be in a Patriots uniform for one year.  It would be wise to give some young talented minds a chance to pick the brains of the leagues best, while the opportunity presents itself.

What do you think ?  Leave a comment.

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