Heir to the throne ? Or just passing thought.


Heading into the 2011 season there was still no clear picture for who would one day replace Tom Brady. There wasn’t much of a need to consider this either. Brady was still relatively young at the time, putting up exceptional numbers and leading the team to the playoffs once again.

On the second day of the NFL draft in 2011.  A highly talented college quarterback fell down the draft board and right into the Patriots lap in the third round. That quarterback was Ryan Mallett. He was the highest quarterback picked for the Patriots since Drew Bledsoe was selected first overall in 1993. Now entering his final year of a three-year contact there will be a decision that has to be made about his future.

Watching and learning under a Hall-Of-Fame player like Tom Brady is a huge opportunity. Tom has been quoted as saying he would like to play into his forties. That would put Mallett under another long contract with no game action, unless there is an injury. I am willing to bet he wants to play as soon as possible. The option of trading him has always been rumoured since the Patriots drafted him. Within the last couple of weeks, I don’t see much potential in a trade.  All signs point to him testing free agency in 2015, with the potential to re-sign with the Patriots.

The draft is coming up on Thursday, May 8, 2014. With reported links to AJ McCarron or maybe Kenny Guiton being selected by the Patriots. McCarron has gone on record saying he would enjoy being the understudy of Brady. Can the Patriots consider using a third or fourth rounder like they did in 2011 ? If so, I think this could quickly end Ryan Mallett’s slow walk up to the throne.

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