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The draft according to Jack


The Patriots have done all they can so far in free agency. They locked up Vince Wilfork, Julian Edleman, and Ryan Wendell. They signed great secondary pieces as we know like Darrelle Revis, and Brandon Browner. Free agency has been a success, now it’s time to start preparing for the draft. The Patriots have always been known to “take the best player available,” and not shoot for a certain position. This upcoming May I think it’s time we really try to help Tom Brady as much as we can.

Eric Ebron would be a perfect first round draft choice. Rob Gronkowski needs some help. Michael Hoomanawanui is a great third string tight end, but isn’t ready to be a top two tight end on the team. Ebron is a big, strong tight end who has great speed, gets open down field, and is a big red-zone target for Brady. Ebron and Gronk would be a great package and New England could finally go back to the two tight end set that has worked so well in the past. Trading up for Ebron should be an option the Patriots talk about.

Next in the draft the Pats should go for a defensive tackle. Ra’Shede Hageman from Minnesota makes perfect sense. Huge guy, listing at 6’6, 310 pounds, could really help the run defense and help getting pressure on the quarterback, which is something New England has lacked the last several seasons.

In rounds 3-7, I really think it would be smart for Belichick to draft a quarterback. Brady only has a few years left as we all know. Drafting a guy like A.J McCarron makes perfect sense. A.J is an image of TB. Big, smart QB with not great arm strength, but is very smart and is a winner. He is hinting for the Pats to draft him by saying remarks like “I play like Tom Brady” and “I would love to learn under Tom Brady, and the Patriots are Alabama of pro football.” He could be like an Aaron Rodgers, who learned under Brett Farve then took over after learning the system.

In the later rounds, the Pats should go after a RB. Andre Williams from Boston College is an ideal pick. He’s a strong, down hill back who has great open field speed as well. After Blount leaving, the Pats could use another old school, powerful back.

Lastly, a late round receiver would be smart as well. A guy like T.J Jones could work from Notre Dame. He his a smaller receiver at 6 feet but led the Irish in receiving this season. He’s quick, and has outstanding hands. Tom Brady could use all the targets he could possibly get his hands on. This upcoming May is important for the Patriots to try to become the most complete team in the NFL.

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Heir to the throne ? Or just passing thought.


Heading into the 2011 season there was still no clear picture for who would one day replace Tom Brady. There wasn’t much of a need to consider this either. Brady was still relatively young at the time, putting up exceptional numbers and leading the team to the playoffs once again.

On the second day of the NFL draft in 2011.  A highly talented college quarterback fell down the draft board and right into the Patriots lap in the third round. That quarterback was Ryan Mallett. He was the highest quarterback picked for the Patriots since Drew Bledsoe was selected first overall in 1993. Now entering his final year of a three-year contact there will be a decision that has to be made about his future.

Watching and learning under a Hall-Of-Fame player like Tom Brady is a huge opportunity. Tom has been quoted as saying he would like to play into his forties. That would put Mallett under another long contract with no game action, unless there is an injury. I am willing to bet he wants to play as soon as possible. The option of trading him has always been rumoured since the Patriots drafted him. Within the last couple of weeks, I don’t see much potential in a trade.  All signs point to him testing free agency in 2015, with the potential to re-sign with the Patriots.

The draft is coming up on Thursday, May 8, 2014. With reported links to AJ McCarron or maybe Kenny Guiton being selected by the Patriots. McCarron has gone on record saying he would enjoy being the understudy of Brady. Can the Patriots consider using a third or fourth rounder like they did in 2011 ? If so, I think this could quickly end Ryan Mallett’s slow walk up to the throne.

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Oh De’sean Jackson your timing is off.

If you were to ask me last week what I thought about Jackson joining the Patriots, I would have been all for bringing him in and giving him a shot. The usual questions I would have asked myself is what kind of cap hit will it take? What kind of attitude would he bring?

Since his big contract came along in 2012 those problems appeared to be in the past. I take that past attitude as a young WR acting out. For some reasons in the NFL if you’re a diva wideout that put’s up good numbers you’re exempt from the “do not sign list”. For the most part the money would have been an issue. Last week I was considering that Vince Wilfork would be shown the door or traded. So their would be room to squeeze in a fast deep threat for Brady to give that missing deep ball to. That would be fun to watch. With Wilfork resigning this week I started to think about money again.

Now how about the receivers on the current roster. Young, talented and for the most part quiet. With only a year of experience between Dobson, Thompkins and Boyce there is reason to belive that this year could be taken to another level. Throw in a heavy dose of Edelman with a dash of Amendola. I think there set without being told someone wants the ball. Or someone NEEDS the ball. Josh McDaniel and Tom can pick and choose on there own.

The week drawing to a conclusion Jackson in my mind had a 5 % chance he was going to be with the patriots. Hell he still needed to be released. Then it happened he was released. His departure from the eagles came with a catch. He is rumoured to have ties with a gang. It’s rumour. Truth or no truth it is enough that Robert Kraft will not pick up that phone. Not a year removed from Aaron Hernandez. In my mind now a week later there is 0 % chance he will be a patriot.

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